There is a portal in the main municipal building (Library/Portal Room, Gallery and NPCS Lab) just off the main plaza in Spawntown.

You will not be able to take inventory back and forth between this dimension on the main survival dimensions.

How the builds were chosen

As we cannot include every build in the Showcase, builds have been/will be chosen according to the following criteria:

Each included build must meet BOTH or strongly meet ONE of the following:

Additionally, the build must be presentable. If it's not finished or in some state of readiness, it must require little to no work to make it suitable for display.

Players can't propose their own builds for inclusion. However, they can lobby to include a build they were not involved in creating, but moderators have the final decision on whether a build is included.

The Showcase is intended to preserve and celebrate the history of the server and the community. It is not intended to be competitive.