Traders Guild

LGMC has a Traders Guild that is used to monitor farms and trading as well as act as a base for the Villagers Union. Guidance can be found in game, but it's also summarised here below.

The Traders Guild can be found in Spawntown next to the market, near Big Ben.

The Good Farm Guide

Mob Farms are a vital tool in mastering the wilderness. Follow these guidelines to ensure your survival.

Auto kill

Should any AFK efforts fail or stop, mob sacrifice becomes the most humane approach to prevent them building up in a tightly packed crowd.

A responsible farmer always makes sure that any excess mobs are automatically disposed of responsibly. This can be achieved with a high drop, magma, or fire. Players may also find success with a well trained pooch.

Switch off

A responsible farmer makes sure they can disable their spawner based farms when they’re not in use. Lighting to prevent light sensitive monsters is the most common method.

Waste disposal

Sometimes our farming efforts exceed even the most sensible of storage systems. All farm attached storage should have an overflow mechanism that will dispose of unwanted items. Cactus and fire are the most common options here.

Sensible spacing

Keep your farms far apart. We recommend a minimum of 12 chunks between farms and villager trading posts. These are the same conditions agreed with the villagers union.

Crowd control

You should aim to have less than 30 mobs within the farm during operation. This isn’t always an exact but we expect players to be sensible and use auto kill mechanics where required. This is inline with villager union requirements for trading halls.

Private farming

Whilst the Traders Guild does not require you to make your farms public - to maintain the economy they may provide a bounty for public access farms to compete with private farms.

Villager Trading Halls

We, the Villagers, have unionised! In the previous world, our working conditions were so poor, it literally caused damage to time itself. As such, we are campaigning for mob rights in trading halls. After a long process of negotiation, the mods have agreed to the following demands:

• Each Villager must have access to a bed.

And while Villagers may still be imprisoned without food, hygiene facilities or access to loved ones, we consider this a tremendous victory.

In addition, we, the Villagers, have issued the following recommendations. These are not strict requirements, but abiding by these will reduce the risk of the Union taking action against your workplace.

• No more than 30 mobs within a single chunk.

• No more than 100 passive mobs within a player’s render distance.

• Trading Halls should be shared with other players as much as possible.

• Trading Halls should be built at least 12 chunks apart from each other.

• Trading Halls should be built far from player bases, to avoid them loading when not being used.

If the Union takes action against you, you may be required to cull Villagers, as that is clearly the kindest solution to an unpleasant workplace.

Passive Mobs, not passive morals!

Cecil Slamberjack

Spokesperson of the Villagers Union

The Marketplace and Shops


Trade is based on a trust system. Items for sale should be arranged into chests (with each slot containing the minimum sale amount). Customers can then replace the purchased goods with their payment. We encourage storerunners to manage their own inventory. If any discrepancies emerge, storerunners can contact authorities to identify any shoplifters, who will be reprimanded.


LGMC runs on a free trade barter system. Diamonds are the base currency and all listed prices in your store must list diamonds as one of the traded goods. Alternative trades are permitted but should be done in person.

Economy protection

The Traders Guild may intervene should they feel a monopoly is occurring. These interventions may range from suggested price changes, bounties on competitive stores, or undercutting prices in the Traders Guild store.

Registering your store

All stores should be advertised in the Traders Guild listings. Contact authorities to add your store to the list. The listing is displayed in the Marketplace.

Shops can be built anywhere. However, the advantage of the Marketplace is that all players can teleport to spawn easily. To request a shop in the Marketplace, contact authorities and let them know which free plot you would like to claim. Plots are assigned on a first come first serve basis.