Working with
Plots in Creative

You can claim areas within the creative world using Plots. Plots, similar to WorldGuard regions, are areas that only specified players have permission to build in, but unlike regions, they're a predefined size arranged in a grid pattern. Using this guide, you can select a plot, or several, and customise to your liking.

This guide uses commands, which are indicated like this. Commands written like <this> indicate text you must substitute for something specific. Use a command by typing it into the chat field, which can be accessed by pressing the 'T' key.

Claiming a Plot

The quickest and easiest way if you just want a single spot is to enter /plot auto and just like that a plot will be claimed, and assigned to you.

If you want to pick a specific spot, or maybe will want several? Follow these steps.

The easiest way to get to the Creative world is to use the portal in the Spawntown Library (West Wing of the Gallery) or to use the command /server creative

Check out the map to find a good spot. You can select the Creative world on the right side of the page.

The border will change, and a sign will appear in the corner letting people know it's yours. The map will update shortly too.

Merging your Plots in a bigger plot!

Sometimes you might want to build something a little larger than the standard n x n blocks plot size. You can claim several plots next to each other, and merge them!

Check the map, and follow the instructions above to claim the multiple plots. They don't have to be in a square, they could all be in a line, or a L or a T shape even. As long as the plots are touching, it should work! 

It's important that you are stood in the middle of the plot, and whilst not essential to be facing the direction you want to merge in, if you're using a mini map or the F3 menu in Java you will be able to tell what direction you need to merge in. Alternatively you could use the map to understand where you are, and what direct you need to merge.

The direction would be the first letter of the direction you're facing, so North, South, East, or West.

Letting other players build in your area

Sometimes you might want to to let another player build in your area, there are two options for this. The first option lets them build whilst you are online, and that is /plot add <playername>. The second option lets them build whenever they like, even if you are not online, that's /plot trust <playername>.

You can remove the player with the command /plot remove <playername>.

Customising the experience in your plot

Want to customise the way your plot looks or behaves? For example perhaps you want it to be a snowy tundra, rainy plane, or sunny desert? 

The command /plot setbiome <biomename>. When you're typing it will generate a list of available biome names that you can select from.

Different biomes will give different water, grass and leaf colours, and some will even turn rain to snow!

Use the flag command to set lots of things, but the most common ones are /plot flag set weather <rain|clear> to set the weather, if you're in a cold biome, the rain will appear as snow!

 /plot flag set time <gametimeinticks> will set the time of day in your plot. This flag sets the day time based on ticks, you don't need to understand the mechanism, but some example times are listed to help you.

1000 7:00am

4000 10:00am

8000 2:00pm

12000 6:00pm (sunset)

16000 10:00pm

18000 12:00am (midnight)

21000 3:00am

23000 5:00am (sunrise)

Use /plot flag set vehicle-place <true|false> , then /plot flag set vehicle-use <true|false>, and finally /plot flag set vehicle-break <true|false> in that order and you should be good!

Use /plot flag set device-interact true to allow users to use buttons, pressure plates and switches - great for traps/games/puzzles.

Use /plot flag set music <disc_name> , the disc name is the name of the music disc you want as the background music. You can find a list here:

Use /plot flag set gamemode <survival|adventure> to set your plot game mode accordingly. This means that players can die/take damage - great for traps/games/puzzles.

Use /plot flag set plot-title "<your title message here>" "<subtitle here>" , and it will reset from the defaults to personalise the welcome title a little more.

You can use tags for formatting, for example <red>. You can find a list of supported colour names here: You can also use <bold> and <italic>.

For example: 

/plot flag set plot-title "<bold>Spoopy Graveyard" "<dark_aqua>by HEW34_" will look like this: