Java Edition

Windows, macOS, Linux

What you need

To connect you'll need to have a version of Java Edition matching the server, which is currently at 1.20.x. Although we do allow a couple of versions either side to connect, for the best experience you should make sure that you are matching the server version if possible; although if you have a nice mod that's not been updated yet we understand if you don't update straight away! We shall notify people as far in advance as we can when we plan to upgrade the server.

If you don't have the right version already, you can add a new installation in the default launcher without affecting your other games.

Minecraft Launcher - The default experience for most users!

OR if you want a specific install for LGMC

Unsure, or stuck?

Sometimes having multiple installs, Forge or Fabric modded installs, Optifine, self updating installations - it can all get a bit confusing, so if you're stuck then drop the Minecraft Mods a tag on Discord and we can help! 

Joining the LG server