Protecting Your Base
in Survival

You can protect your builds and loot from other players using Regions. Regions are areas that only specified players have permission to build in. Using this guide, you can select an area to claim as a Region and customise it to your liking.

This guide uses commands, which are indicated like this. Commands written like <this> indicate text you must substitute for something specific. Use a command by typing it into the chat field, which can be accessed by pressing the 'T' key.

Creating a Region

You can create a Region by following these steps.

Also known as a wooden axe. As it's a fairly poor tool, it is reserved for selection regions instead. Any wooden axe will do, but you can summon one with the following command:


Note: the double slashes are necessary for selection commands.

Go to one corner of the area you want to claim and left-click a block with the wand/wooden axe to 'select pos #1'.

Now travel to the diagonally opposite corner and right-click a block with wand/wooden axe to 'select pos #2'.

Everything between these points is now selected. (Bear in mind there is a limit on how large a region can be).

As the selection is three-dimensional, you also have to account for height. An easy way of doing this is with the following command:

//expand vert

This will expand your selection to cover the full height of the game world.

Naturally this will use a lot of blocks, if you don't want to include all of the sky or all the way to bed rock, you could also try

//expand n up and //expand n down

Where n is a number. This will increase your selection by the chosen number in each direction.

The client mod WorldEdit CUI may be helpful to visualise your selection areas. 

With your selection made, you should be ready to claim your region.

/rg claim <name-of-region> 

This will create a region with the name you specify (No spaces are allowed).

Note: we're back to single slashes now.

After a few moments, you should see it appear on the server map. It will appear as a red square. Clicking on it will reveal information on members and flags (see below).

Now your region is set, only you will be able to build, destroy or use blocks inside it by default. For more customised settings, see below.

Changing Or Deleting Your Region

Change your region.

If you wish to change the area of your region, repeat steps 1-3 above to select the desired area. Instead of step 4, use the following command.

/rg redefine <name-of-region> 

This will recreate the specified region according to the new selection.

Remove your region.

And if you no longer want your region, use the following command.

/rg delete <name-of-region>

This will remove the specified region entirely.

Customising Who Can Build In Your Region

You can alter which players have permission to interact with blocks in your region using the following commands.

Add a member to your region

/rg addmember <name-of-region> <name-of-player>

This will add the specified player as a member of the specified region.

Remove a member from your region

/rg removemember <name-of-region> <name-of-player>

This will remove the specified player as a member of the specified region.

Customising Permissions With Region Flags

You can use region flags to give your region more specific permissions and characteristics (for instance, allowing non-members to use vehicles in your region).

Open the Flags menu

You can edit your region's flags by bringing up the flags menu.

/rg flags <name-of-region> 

This will bring up the flags menu for the specified region.

Alternatively, use /rg flags while standing in your region to do the same.

The menu will appear in the chat field.  Click on <<< and >>> to navigate between pages. 

When you find the flag you're looking for, click Allow if it's something you wish to permit or click Deny if it's something you wish to prevent.

🛈 Players do not have permission to use certain flags. If you wish to use one of these flags, ask a mod to enable it for you.

Commonly toggled flags

Some commonly used flags include:

Whether players can interact with doors, levers, buttons and pressure plates (does not include objects with an inventory).

Whether players can 'mount' a vehicle (including animals),  (maybe necessary for minecart stations).

A combination of both use and ride.

Whether players can access objects with an inventory.

Whether players can place a vehicle (may be necessary for minecart stations).

Whether players can destroy vehicles (may be necessary for minecart stations).

Whether mobs can spawn (both hostile and passive).*

Whether mobs can hurt players.*

Whether blocks can be damaged by a creeper exploding.*

Whether endermen can move blocks.*

*These can only be enabled by a mod.