Welcome to LG Minecraft!

LG Minecraft is London Gaymer's Minecraft Server.
Make new friends and mine together any time in survival or creative.

To play on the server you must apply to be added to the access-list by completing our sign-up form. Saying "Hi" on Discord or Facebook may help us validate your request quicker.

Need help? Learn how to get the best out of the server. Protect an area with a region. Use teleports to reach in-game resources. Information on all of our quality-of-life improvements can be found here.

We gather on our Discord voice channel. Be it for a specially created scenario, someone's latest game in creative, a group outing to a mini-games server, or sometimes just to chat while we build.

LGMC Season 2 (2022-2023)

World download coming soon!

Join the legacy server (legacy.mc.londongaymers.co.uk)

LGMC Season 1 (2020-2022)


Our 1 year anniversary showcase looks back on the first year of Season 1.
Celebrating a collection of the most impressive, creative and charming builds
and reminiscing on the memories we shared.

World Downloads

Want to relive Season 1 in local single player? Check the downloads and import them into your Minecraft Saves folder to play through yourself.
They are 1.17 worlds so we recommend playing with 1.17 - we don't know how well they'll work if you upgrade them to later versions!