Server Rules

LG's usual rules apply just as much on the Minecraft Server as they do elsewhere. These server rules exist to make clear what is expected of players and what behaviour may result in disciplinary action. Please review these rules and their clarifications below. You should also check out the FAQ too.

1. Be mindful of other players.

Be considerate. We operate a friendly, community-driven server. We welcome new joiners, we assist less-experienced players (when they ask) and we do our best to ensure everyone has a good time.

Be aware of how your behaviour may impact the experience of other players, be it in-game or on Discord/game chat.

This includes but is not limited to destroying rare structures (shipwrecks, temples, mansions, etc.) without checking with others and a mod, and killing or kidnapping rare mobs. Naturally generating loot chests should never be destroyed (they generate loot per player). 

🛈 Whilst not a strict rule, raiding rare structures as soon as they are revealed on the map, or taking all the loot or non common blocks from structures is against the community spirit of the server, and may be considered in breach of the above rule, and/or Rule 6 below. 

2. Don't take things from other players without permission.

Just because you can take something, doesn't mean you should. Even if a block or object is not protected by a Region (see here) that does not necessarily mean it's fair game. If the thing in question has been placed or dropped by a player, rather than generated by the game, you must have permission from that player before taking it. And even if it has been generated, if it is in an area or inventory that may be considered as belonging to another player, you should make certain it's up for grabs before you take it. If you accidentally pick something up which another player has dropped (i.e. upon death), you must return it. Only take what you are certain belongs to nobody else.

3. Don't build or dig in places where it might affect others.

Generally, you are free to build wherever you wish, but be mindful of your neighbours. Many players protect their builds using Regions (see here), but that does not mean you are entitled to build anywhere that is not protected. Players may want room to expand in future or may wish to preserve the local environment, so give them space. Furthermore, not all players use Regions, so be aware of nearby builds before you begin your own. If you wish to build near somebody else, communicate with them to ensure neither of you will get in each other's way.

We respectfully request that you do not build too close to spawn, as that area is reserved for community projects that assist new joiners. If you have ideas for such builds, let us know!

Finally, we have zero-tolerance on griefing. Any deliberate attempts to damage or disrupt another player's build will result in an immediate ban.

4. Don't PvP with people who haven't agreed to it.

"Player-versus-player", or PvP, refers to combat between players. While PvP is not prohibited outright, this is not a PvP server.  Do not attack or damage players that have not agreed to PvP. We may host activities where PvP is expected, but this will always be made clear and will only apply for the duration of the activity and only to those who have made known they are participating. Players may also arrange PvP activities with each other, which is permitted so long as all who participate consent.

5. Don't monopolise limited resources.

Though there should be plenty to go around, there is a finite amount of resources on the server. Minecraft may be a game about collecting but be mindful that certain materials are rare enough that hoarding can cause a shortage for other players (e.g. Elytra, Netherite). While we do our best to replenish items under high demand, this is made harder by players who take more than they need. 

Additionally, public farms on the server that players can use may help harvest some resources, or head to the market place to trade with other players.

However, farms only operate when they are are loaded, meaning a player needs to be present. We encourage players who harvest large amounts, to stay at the farm to replenish them.

6. Be lag conscious for everyone's sake

The tl;dr here is Don't create lag with large farms, or large groups of mobs or villagers.

This is a busy server, and whilst the configuration is regularly tweaked to avoid it, lag only makes the game un-fun for everyone else. We advise that there is no need for each player to have their own farm for every resource, or their own villager trading point with large amounts of villagers for every single item and enchantment.

Villagers are the largest cause of lag and server issues, especially at night time when they are searching for a bed. Because of this we expect every villager that is within your control or boundary to have a bed. We expect no more than about 20 villagers within any players control (area likely to be regularly loaded during regular game play - it's not an exact science). And where possible to share trading posts with other players. 

The second biggest cause of lag is large groups of mobs (cows, pigs, sheep, etc.); especially when they are colliding with one another or boundaries. We've taken some measures to ease the burden with server configuration but no single player needs more than a few of each animal for normal play, so we request that we don't build farms with large amounts of animals, especially enclosed in a tight space.