Can my friend/partner/neighbour join?

Any member of London Gaymers can join, which welcomes any LGBTQIA+ people and our allies. If they join either the LG Facebook Group or Discord, they can submit an application to the Minecraft Server.

Is the server SFW?

As with LG's Facebook group and Discord, please keep communication 'safe for work.' That said, the server should not be considered child safe.

Why doesn't my axe work?

Probably because it's made of wood. As wooden axes are not very useful tools, they are reserved by our plug-ins to be used as a selection tool for defining regions. For more information, see here.

When you first join the server you will be given some Stone tools to get you up and running quickly.

What’s the world seed?


What is the view (render) distance and simulation distance?

There's no easy answer as it's dynamic depending on how busy the server is and the world!

In Survival, it will be between 6 and 18 chunks view distance, and 6-12 simulation.

In Creative, it will be between 5 and 12 chunks view distance, and 3-8 for simulation.

In most cases we find the server rarely reduces below the maximums.

🛈 The Showcase world is deliberately restricted to 5 chunks view distance to keep you immersed in the environment the original build took place.

🛈 If you are running Java client mods, Bobby allows your client to cache chunks to give you a wider view distance if your PC is capable. 

Why only vanilla?

We did run a modded server for a short while, but due to low interest and high costs it was retired. If there is renewed interest, we may add a modded server in future. Despite being mostly vanilla, the server does have some sprinkles to make it more fun/easy to be on.

Can I dupe?

No. We'd generally consider this cheating, especially as it makes use of exploits/bugs in the server software.

We make an effort to regenerate finite resources such as sand and gravel when required.

We may make exception if a farm design would benefit from TNT duping (with minecart and coral, as it's been in the game so long - it's basically a mechanic at this point) but this the exception, and should be discussed with the mods first.

Can I access the Nether Roof?

Yes, there are a number of farms and biulds that work best on the Nether Roof. Like TNT duping, it's something that has not been patched for years so is generally considered a game mechanic at this point.

Why does my Bedrock client think The Nether is The End dimension?

As we allow access to the Nether roof - we do a clever trick telling Bedrock clients you're in the End Dimension. This means that the hard Nether roof limit of Bedrock does not apply so you can access the roof like Java players.

How can I support the server?

Whilst it is by no means expected - if you'd like to you can support London Gaymers via Ko-Fi where you can make regular or one-off contributions that will be greatly appreciated.

I have another question...

Check out our Help and Tips page for more useful info. Or catch one of the mods in-game or on discord.

Who are the moderators?

The moderators help keep the server running, maintain the allow-list and help players out when they need it. If you get stuck with a command, a block, or doing something in game - feel free to tag @Minecraft Mods on Discord.