Getting Around

The server features a number of methods to travel around quickly and easily. Some of these are not strictly 'vanilla', but are included to improve quality of life and help players play together. Feel free to use whatever is helpful and ignore those you feel are too 'cheaty'.

This guide uses commands, which are indicated like this. Commands written like <this> indicate text you must substitute for something specific. Use a command by typing it to the chat field, which can be accesed by pressing the 'T' key.



Undoes the most recent teleport.

This can be used in a number of ways. For instance, say your pick-axe breaks halfway through a mining session. You can teleport back to your base to collect a new one and then use /back to resume your mining right where you left it.

Furthermore, death is considered a teleport. Using /back after respawning will take you back to the spot where you died, letting you reclaim anything you dropped before they despawn. (Note: using /back after falling in lava or into the void will return you to the nearest safe spot, but your dropped items may not be so lucky) 

Create Home Teleports

Home allows you to designate a home location that you can teleport to at any time.


This sets your current position as your home. 


This will teleports you to your home. 


This also teleports you to your home but is quicker to type in a jam.

You can also set up to 5 additional homes with specific names.

/sethome <home-name-here>

This will set your current position as a home with the name you specify.

/home <home-name-here>

This teleports you to a home with the name specified.

🛈 Once you have created more than one home, the /home command will no longer know which home to send you to without specifying which. It understands your unnamed/default home as 'home', so use /home home to teleport there. /hh will also work.

Call Players

Call allows you to request a teleport to any online player.

/call <player-name-here> 

This sends a teleport request to the player specified.

/tpask <player-name-here>
/tpa <player-name-here>

Both of these work in the same way.


This will cancel your teleport request.

If another player sends you a teleport request, you will see a notification appear in the chat. You can respond with:


This will accept the request and teleport the player to your location.


This will deny the request.

Teleport requests time out after 120 seconds. If you do not accept in time, the request will have to be submitted again.

🛈 If a player receives several teleport requests, they will only be able to accept the most recent one. If you know several people are teleporting to the same player, it may help to call somebody else there instead.

Return to Spawn


Will return you to spawn. Useful for community events that use Spawntown as a muster point. 

Switch World

You can switch between the Survival and Creative worlds using the commands below.

/server survival  -  takes you to the Survival world.

/server creative  -  takes you to the Creative world.

Note: Home teleports (see above) can be set in either world and offer another way to switch between.